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I’m terribly sorry but I need your help again


As some of you might know I have been having a lot of trouble with my old apartment and I got myself into a small dept, because my insurance wouldn’t pay up. Now the thing is as follows: Because I have to pay off this dept I am very short of cash for food and whatnot. To be honest, I have nothing left anymore after having paid the latest instalment. My fridge is absolutely empty and there’s still far too many days until I get my next paycheque… which will probably also end up being used entirely for rent and the next instalment. I can’t ask friends, because they all still live with their parents and don’t have anything themselves either. I don’t even dare to ask. I feel horrible asking this of you people as well but this time I really want to pay the favour back to you. So if you can spare anything that you’re willing to give me, you can choose something on the list below. I know, I don’t have any outstanding talents but that’s what I can offer you in turn for your kindness. Just leave me your name or something I can identify you with in the message box of the paypal donation form and then message me what you’d like in my tumblr inbox with your name or form of identification and I’ll do my best to fulfil your wish. 

So here goes: 

  • Personal fansigns
  • A short version cover of any song you’d like. 
  • A digital or traditional drawing (I suck though so no guaranties on how it will turn out. haha) 
  • A personal letter that I’ll send you 
  • A gif or challenge that I’ll record myself doing
  • A shout out for your blog/site 

If there’s anything else that comes to your mind that I can do, please leave me a message and I’ll see if it lies within my capabilities! 

If you can spare anything or are interested, here’s the link to my paypal donate page: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=VCNTXJXCJZ6WW

Thank you for your time and putting up with my shit. 

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